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【DMM英会話 感想】”I am looking forward to taking your lesson again!(次回のレッスンを楽しみにしています)”2019年11月8日(金)のレッスン #DMM英会話 #OWDDM #meetup






自分: In Japan The current time is 8:30 am.What time is your country now?
H先生: In (Country Name) The time is ●:●● pm.
自分: Greeting is Hello, Hello!

DMM英会話を始める前であれば、”Greeting is Hello, Hello!”のところはおそらく”OH~”などでお茶を濁していたでしょう。会話のキャッチボールをする目的でDMM英会話をしていますので、英語力が一歩前進しました。




“be looking forward to”

さて今回の参考になったフレーズは“I am looking forward to take your lesson again”です。”be looking forward to ~ing”は中学校の英語の授業でも習います。ですが今の私は”be looking forward to”ではなく、”look foword to”を使っていました。

“look foword to ~ing”でもほぼ同じ意味になるそうですが、”be looking forward to ~ing”よりも堅い表現になるそうで、ビジネスの場面で使われるそうです。細かいニュアンスを教えてもらえることは、日本人講師ならではのメリットだと思います。



Let me introduce myself. I will speak slowly, OK?
If you have any questions, please tell me.

My name is Hiroshi Fukui.
I was born in 1976, 43 years.
Since I was born in Japan,I have lived in Osaka,Japan.

Usually I blog on WordPress. My income is Google Adsense.
But it isn't to enough money for me to live.

Because I am planning the business.
The business is service, "Online salon" that need to pay.
It's service for swimmer.They can chat swimming skill at Slack.
Now I construct the web-site by WordPress.
Do you have any questions so far?

By the way, My goal in DMM-Eikaiwa is to make friends.
There are two places making my friends.

One is WordCamp.
Recently I prepare the event of WordPress,WordCamp Osaka 2019(新しいタブで開く), 6-7th Dec 2019 in Osaka near JR Osaka station.My role is to look for sponsors from abroad.

Now I learn the English reading and writing for the event. 
But I can't speak English very much because I don't learn the English listening and speaking.

Two is Meetup.It is Osaka Web Designers and Developers Meetup, OWDDM(新しいタブで開く).

Every month I join the meetup
After the meeting is over, Surely we go to the IZAKAYA.
I want to make many friends in IZAKAYA.

The current problem is that I can introduce myself but cannot talk.

Thank you for your support.I’m looking foward to seeing you again.